Your Hawley Retainer Needs Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Routine adjustments are a critical part of the process used to correct teeth with traditional braces. With consistent timing and good oral hygiene habits, these appointments will gradually tension the components to gradually bring your teeth into their corrected position. Once your teeth have achieved their ideal alignment our orthodontist... Read more »

The Benefits of Ceramic Braces

When you think about braces, the traditional metal versions may be the first things to enter your mind. Actually, braces are more diverse than that. We offer a variation called ceramic braces, which you may find more appealing. Both traditional and ceramic braces can do the job of aligning your... Read more »

An Orthodontic Mouth Guard Can Prevent Oral Injury

If you love to play sports but also wear braces, we can help you have a comfortable and confident orthodontic experience. By answering the following FAQs about playing athletics with braces, we can help you protect your orthodontic gear: Do I have to give up sports while wearing braces? No,... Read more »

Proper Hygiene for Clear Aligners

If you are considering receiving Invisalign® clear aligners to improve your smile but are unsure how to keep them in good shape, we are happy to provide you with the information you need! Maintaining proper dental hygiene while wearing orthodontic aligners can help you keep dental problems at bay so... Read more »

Three Snack Foods that Could Damage Your Braces

The decision to receive orthodontic treatment for a healthier and more attractive smile means you will need to make some big changes in your lifestyle, including your dietary habits to keep your orthodontic appliance hygienic and in good shape. Remember, braces are strong enough to reposition your teeth, but hard... Read more »

Find the Answers to Questions About Orthodontic Aligners Here

Are you interested in aligning your teeth with orthodontic aligners? If so, then you most likely have questions. Well, our orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, is happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for so you can ensure this is the right treatment for you. To do so, he... Read more »

Protecting Your Braces

At our orthodontic office, Dr. Montoya and our team want to impress upon you and your family the importance of orthodontics in maintaining a healthy smile that is well aligned. Since your braces are imperative to your orthodontic results, it’s important to keep them in good shape with these tips:... Read more »

Broken Braces: Temporary Fixes

When you get your braces, your orthodontist will talk with you about how to keep them from becoming damaged. You can protect your orthodontics by not eating hard, tough or sticky foods. Chewing on pens and pencils can cause damage to your braces, as well as a blow to the... Read more »

Cleaning Your Teeth When You Have Braces

Getting braces is an important investment in your future oral health. When your teeth are in proper alignment, you can eat and speak more effectively, and your teeth will not strike one another at improper angles, which will preserve your tooth enamel.   But spending all that money and all... Read more »

Damaged Braces Need to Be Repaired in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Your new braces represent a functional system capable or realigning your teeth for a better functioning mouth and a more attractive smile. This is done through a series of regularly scheduled adjustments at Montoya Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic. Each one of these important appointments is designed to tension the orthodontic components... Read more »