We prioritize your smile’s post-orthodontic care through our range of meticulously crafted retainers. Dr. Robert Montoya, our excellent orthodontist, understands that maintaining your newly aligned teeth is paramount, and our diverse selection of retainers ensures optimal results.

Retainer Options:

  1. Hawley Retainers: Traditional yet effective, Hawley retainers are custom-made using acrylic and a metal wire. Dr. Montoya recommends these for durability and ease of adjustment, allowing for minor tweaks as your teeth settle into their new positions.
  2. Clear Retainers: For a more inconspicuous option, our clear retainers provide a discreet way to preserve your smile. Made from transparent plastic, they are barely noticeable while still maintaining the achieved alignment.
  3. Essix Retainers: Crafted from clear plastic, Essix retainers snugly fit over your teeth. Our orthodontist may recommend these for their comfort and aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about the visibility of their retainers.
  4. Permanent Retainers: For added convenience, consider our permanent retainers — a thin wire bonded to the back of your teeth. Dr. Montoya suggests these for long-term maintenance without the need for daily removal.

At Montoya Orthodontics, we are dedicated to your smile’s enduring beauty. Schedule an appointment at 817-427-2237 to discuss the ideal retainer option in Keller, Texas, for your unique orthodontic journey.

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