Foods To Avoid

Proper dietary considerations during orthodontic treatment in Keller, Texas, are important. Choosing the right foods is crucial to safeguard braces and ensure effective orthodontic progress.

Hard and crunchy foods pose a risk to braces by potentially causing damage or dislodging brackets and wires. Avoid items like nuts, popcorn and hard candies that can exert excessive force on braces components.

Sticky and chewy foods can be equally problematic, as they tend to adhere to brackets and wires, making thorough cleaning challenging. Steer clear of caramel, taffy and chewing gum to minimize the risk of plaque buildup and cavities.

Certain fruits, like apples and raw carrots, should be sliced or cut into smaller, manageable pieces to reduce the stress on braces. Additionally, biting into large fruits or vegetables with braces can be potentially damaging.

Carbonated and sugary beverages should be consumed in moderation. These can contribute to enamel erosion and increase the risk of cavities. Opt for water or beverages without added sugars whenever possible.

Regular checkups at Montoya Orthodontics allow Dr. Robert Montoya to monitor your orthodontic progress and address any concerns related to dietary habits. For personalized guidance on foods to avoid during orthodontic treatment at our office, schedule a consultation with our orthodontist and team by calling 817-427-2237. Elevate your orthodontic experience by making informed choices that contribute to a seamless journey towards a healthier, beautifully aligned smile.

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