Teeth Classifications

At Montoya Orthodontics, Dr. Robert Montoya, our experienced orthodontist, provides valuable insights into teeth classifications, guiding patients towards understanding their dental conditions. These classifications serve as a foundation for personalized orthodontic care.

Class I
Describing a harmonious relationship between upper and lower teeth and jaws, Class I signifies a balanced bite. Patients in this category may experience minor crowding or spacing issues, emphasizing the need for individualized assessment and guidance.

Class II
Class II bites are characterized by the lower first molar positioned posteriorly compared to the upper first molar, resulting in overbites. Causes include insufficient growth in the lower jaw, overgrowth of the upper jaw or a combination, often influenced by genetic factors and oral habits. Dr. Montoya offers expertise to address these complex orthodontic issues.

Class III
Class III malocclusions present underbites, where the lower first molar is anterior to the upper first molar. Genetic factors, combined with jaw growth disparities, contribute to this condition, potentially requiring surgical correction. Dr. Montoya is adept at devising comprehensive treatment plans for Class III cases.

Understanding these classifications is crucial for patients, as they inform the types of malocclusions that may arise:

  • Overbites (or Overjets): Upper front teeth protrude.
  • Deep bites: Upper front teeth excessively cover the lower front teeth.
  • Underbites: Lower front teeth protrude.
  • Open bites: Back teeth come together, leaving space between front teeth.
  • Crowding: Upper and/or lower teeth closely crowded.
  • Excess spacing: Too much space between teeth.
  • Mid-line misalignment: Upper and lower arch midlines do not align.
  • Crossbites: Upper back teeth fit inside the lower teeth.

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