Treatment Phases

We offer a comprehensive approach to orthodontic care in Keller, Texas. Our treatment phases, including Phase 1, Maintenance Phase, Phase 2 and Full Treatment, ensure tailored solutions for optimal results.

Phase 1
Initiating between ages seven and nine, Phase 1 spans 12-18 months, employing orthodontic appliances to create space for erupting teeth. This proactive step minimizes the need for extensive treatments later, promoting proper tooth growth.

Maintenance Phase
Following Phase 1, the Maintenance Phase involves vigilant monitoring to guarantee ongoing proper growth and development of teeth and jaws. This critical stage preserves the progress achieved in the initial treatment.

Phase 2
Should it be necessary, Phase 2 commences after all permanent teeth have erupted. Braces or similar treatments are administered to correct misalignments, fostering a healthy position for both teeth and jaws. Anticipated duration for Phase 2 treatment averages 12-24 months.

Full Treatment
For those opting against early intervention, Full Treatment commences after all permanent teeth have erupted. This comprehensive phase, lasting 18-30 months on average, addresses a spectrum of orthodontic issues, tailoring the treatment duration to the severity of individual cases.

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