Palatal Expanders

Our office offers cutting-edge orthodontic solutions, including palatal expanders in Keller, Texas, to enhance the harmony and function of your smile. Palatal expanders play a crucial role in addressing issues related to narrow dental arches and crowding.

Palatal expanders work by gently widening the upper jaw’s palate, creating additional space for crowded or misaligned teeth. This non-invasive and efficient orthodontic tool is particularly beneficial for younger patients during their growth phase. Dr. Robert Montoya carefully assesses each case to determine the appropriate timing and type of palatal expander for optimal results.

There are two primary types of palatal expanders:

  1. Traditional Palatal Expanders: These are removable devices attached to the upper molars. Our orthodontist and team recommends gradual adjustments to expand the palate gently, allowing for the alignment of teeth and improved oral function.
  2. Rapid Palatal Expanders: Designed for quicker results, rapid palatal expanders achieve expansion through a daily adjustment mechanism. We closely monitor the progress to ensure a comfortable and effective treatment process.

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