Three Snack Foods that Could Damage Your Braces

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The decision to receive orthodontic treatment for a healthier and more attractive smile means you will need to make some big changes in your lifestyle, including your dietary habits to keep your orthodontic appliance hygienic and in good shape. Remember, braces are strong enough to reposition your teeth, but hard and sticky foods can damage the brackets and wires and even affect your oral health. Below are three snack foods that are dangerous for braces and can affect the health of your teeth:

– Caramel: The sticky pieces of caramel can cling to the braces and be very hard to remove, leaving residue on your teeth that sticks along the braces and can cause tooth decay. When cavities develop in the mouth, your orthodontic treatment may need to be delayed in order to restore the health of your smile.

– Salt water taffy: Like caramel, taffy is extremely sticky, making it harmful to the orthodontic brackets and a risk for tooth decay. It’s important to avoid salt water taffy during the time that are you wearing an orthodontic appliance.

– Popcorn: Popcorn contains hard kernels that can lodge between the teeth and the appliance, resulting in discomfort and cause damage to your braces and teeth. Keep popcorn out of your diet while you are wearing braces.

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