The Benefits of Ceramic Braces

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When you think about braces, the traditional metal versions may be the first things to enter your mind. Actually, braces are more diverse than that. We offer a variation called ceramic braces, which you may find more appealing.

Both traditional and ceramic braces can do the job of aligning your teeth. They operate about the same, meaning they encourage your teeth to become straighter by applying a constant but gentle pressure. The issue is that some people may see traditional braces as unflattering.

Ceramic braces, on the other hand, may be able to help your appearance. They are built with a ceramic composite, which can be adjusted to match the color of your particular teeth. Instead of standing out on your smile, they can blend in more. They will still be visible, but people you meet may find them less distracting and nicer to look at.

Many people can benefit from ceramic braces; however, some factors may exist that make it so the ceramics cannot apply to you. You need not worry because our orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, can examine your teeth and tell you if the ceramics can work for you or not. If he determines that these braces may not work, he can offer other treatments that may be better for you.

If you would like to see if ceramic braces can help you out, you are more than welcome to visit us at Montoya Orthodontics in Keller, Texas. You can set up a consultation by calling 817-427-2237. We are always happy and ready to help you bring your smile around, so feel free to call us today!