The Benefits of Ceramic Braces

When you think about braces, the traditional metal versions may be the first things to enter your mind. Actually, braces are more diverse than that. We offer a variation called ceramic braces, which you may find more appealing. Both traditional and ceramic braces can do the job of aligning your teeth. They operate about the same, meaning they encourage your... read more »

Find the Answers to Questions About Orthodontic Aligners Here

Are you interested in aligning your teeth with orthodontic aligners? If so, then you most likely have questions. Well, our orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, is happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for so you can ensure this is the right treatment for you. To do so, he would like to provide the answers to commonly asked questions... read more »

Tips on Caring for Your Invisalign® Aligner

If you are aligning your smile with Invisalign®, then it’s important to keep your aligner in tip-top shape. This is because there is a good chance you can suffer orthodontic and even dental consequences if you fail to take good care of your aligner. So, to help you keep your aligner in a pristine and functional condition, our orthodontist, Dr.... read more »

Headgear Essentials

If your child is having braces installed on their teeth at Montoya Orthodontics in Keller, Texas, there is a possibility that your orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, may counsel them to wear headgear for a portion of the time. Headgear is the term for an external orthodontic appliance which uses added force beyond braces to steer the growth of the face... read more »

What Happens When You Get Braces?

Perhaps your dentist has suggested that you consider orthodontics for yourself or your child. Or maybe after taking a look in the mirror, you have decided that now is the time to straighten your smile. Not only will properly aligned teeth improve your appearance, they will help you to eat and speak effectively and will improve the health of your... read more »

How to Prevent Cavities When You Have Braces

When you align your smile with braces, it’s very important to take good care of your teeth and gums. One of the reasons why is because you need to prevent cavities during your orthodontic journey. To help you, our orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, has some helpful cavity-preventing tips he would like to share with you. First, brush your teeth frequently.... read more »

How to Care for Your Braces Elastics

Braces elastics are rubber bands that can help add pressure to your teeth, which can help you have the smile of your dreams. It’s important to properly use and care for these elastics as much as possible, otherwise there is a chance your smile will fail to do the things your orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, has planned. So, to help... read more »

If You Have Braces, Are You Keeping Your Teeth Clean?

If you have braces, are you keeping your teeth clean? When applying your brushing and flossing routine while wearing braces, exercise caution and brush slowly and safety to avoid accidentally damaging them. Because flossing can be difficult with braces, it may be in your best interest to add an additional level of treatment such as mouthwash. In addition, abide by... read more »