Protecting Your Braces

At our orthodontic office, Dr. Montoya and our team want to impress upon you and your family the importance of orthodontics in maintaining a healthy smile that is well aligned. Since your braces are imperative to your orthodontic results, it’s important to keep them in good shape with these tips: — Reduce your risk of damaging your braces, such as... read more »

Orthodontic Braces and Why They Are Needed

If you have a smile that appears crooked or contains any teeth that are out of alignment, it can throw off your entire smile and lead to a failure to your oral health. Not only can crooked teeth make you less likely to smile, they tend to be much harder to clean. Furthermore, crooked teeth are more likely to suffer... read more »

Do You Have Any Unanswered Questions about Clear Aligners?

Do you have any unanswered questions about clear aligners? Did you know that Invisalign® aligners can be used to correct your smile without the need of bulky wires and metal brackets? Invisalign uses alternative technology to accomplish the task of giving you the straight smile your teeth deserve. For more information about the wonders of Invisalign, see our list of... read more »