Proper Hygiene for Clear Aligners

If you are considering receiving Invisalign® clear aligners to improve your smile but are unsure how to keep them in good shape, we are happy to provide you with the information you need! Maintaining proper dental hygiene while wearing orthodontic aligners can help you keep dental problems at bay so that your smile progress remains on track. We offer tips... read more »

Find the Answers to Questions About Orthodontic Aligners Here

Are you interested in aligning your teeth with orthodontic aligners? If so, then you most likely have questions. Well, our orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, is happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for so you can ensure this is the right treatment for you. To do so, he would like to provide the answers to commonly asked questions... read more »

Do You Have Any Unanswered Questions about Clear Aligners?

Do you have any unanswered questions about clear aligners? Did you know that Invisalign® aligners can be used to correct your smile without the need of bulky wires and metal brackets? Invisalign uses alternative technology to accomplish the task of giving you the straight smile your teeth deserve. For more information about the wonders of Invisalign, see our list of... read more »