If you are wearing braces, there are certain foods that you should avoid in order to keep your braces functioning properly.  Broken brackets and bent wires can add more time to your treatment, and can cause discomfort.  Our orthodontist and team have provided some information about foods to avoid on this page.  For more information, and to make your appointment with Dr. Robert Montoya in Keller, Texas, we welcome you to contact Montoya Orthodontics at 817-427-2237.

Hard Foods

Avoid hard foods, such as nuts, candy, and hard pretzels.

Crunchy Foods

Avoid crunchy foods, including popcorn, ice, and chips.

Sticky Foods

Avoid sticky foods, such as gum and chewy candy (taffy, gummy bears, caramel, etc.).

Foods that you must bite into

Foods that must be bitten into can cause food and other debris to be trapped in your teeth.  Foods such as corn on the cob, applies and carrots should be cut up into smaller pieces and chewed on the back teeth.

Chewing Hard Objects

Chewing on hard objects can damage your braces.  These objects can include pens, pencils, and fingernails.

For more information on foods to avoid, and to make your appointment with our orthodontist, please contact our practice today.