There are many orthodontic appliances which Dr. Robert Montoya may recommend to help you achieve a healthier bite.  These appliances can be used before as well as during your braces treatment.  We invite you to call Montoya Orthodontics at 817-427-2237 to make your appointment with our orthodontist and learn more about orthodontic appliances in Keller, Texas.

Some of the orthodontic appliances provided at our practice include:


This appliance helps your upper and lower jaws grow proportionally.  It works by keeping the lower jaw forward, which helps your teeth erupt properly and leads to a natural and correct bite relationship between the upper and lower arches of your teeth.


Our orthodontist uses elastics to help guide your teeth and jaws into the correct alignment.  Elastics may be worn in a number of different configurations, and are attached to hooks that are part of your existing brackets or bands.  They are usually worn 22-24 hours each day until the malocclusion is corrected.


The Herbst device is fixed to both sets of your molars, and keeps the lower jaw from shifting backwards, preventing the protrusion of your upper teeth.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are appliances that help your emerging teeth grow correctly after the primary teeth have been lost prematurely through decay or injury.  Space maintainers retain the open space so that the permanent teeth have enough room to erupt properly and do not cause your remaining teeth to become crooked or crowded.

Upper Jaw Expansion Appliances

This appliance is recommended to correct narrow upper jaws, gradually widening them over time.  It is similar to a palatal expander.

If you use an orthodontic appliance, you will likely experience mild discomfort following adjustments.  This discomfort should subside shortly after your appointment.

You should also practice good oral hygiene while wearing your braces and orthodontic appliances.  Frequent brushing of your teeth, and daily flossing and rinsing will help prevent food particles and other debris from being trapped in your appliances and causing stains on the enamel of your teeth.  You may want to consider using a water pick, a device which emits a small, pressurized stream of water, to help rinse away food and other debris from your mouth.

Please also remember that certain types of foods can damage your appliances.  We recommend that you avoid sticky, crunchy, and chewy foods in order to keep your braces and other orthodontic appliances functional and in good condition.

For more information on orthodontic appliances, and to make your appointment our doctor, please contact our office today.