Invisalign® Can Improve Your Smile in a Short Amount of Time

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Minor alignment issues on the teeth in your smile can hamper your self-confidence and leave you wanting to explore your orthodontic solutions. Fortunately, the orthodontic specialists at Montoya Orthodontics can use Invisalign® to improve your smile.

Invisalign involves using removable aligners that are made from a durable, clear, plastic material. While you’re wearing them, the casual observer will struggle to even notice you are wearing Invisalign®.

Each pair of custom aligners is designed to move your teeth one step closer to your final alignment goals. At two-week intervals, you will need to switch out to a new set of clear, plastic aligners. Each new pair is tuned to bring you one gradual step closer to your final alignment goals.

You can drink and speak normally while you have Invisalign in your mouth. However, you should abstain from eating, chewing gum, or using tobacco products. If you need to remove the aligners, you should keep them in the case provided. Improvising with a napkin or a plastic bag is inadvisable.

Most people achieve their alignment goals in the course of three to four sets of aligners. Then Dr. Robert Montoya might fit you for a clear, plastic retainer. This is a simple, removable dental appliance that is made from a similar clear, plastic material that is use for the Invisalign aligners. Wearing it for a few weeks during the prescribed times will help ensure that your teeth remain in their new positions.

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