How to Care for Your Braces Elastics

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Braces elastics are rubber bands that can help add pressure to your teeth, which can help you have the smile of your dreams. It’s important to properly use and care for these elastics as much as possible, otherwise there is a chance your smile will fail to do the things your orthodontist, Dr. Robert Montoya, has planned. So, to help you use and care for the elastics, our orthodontic team has some tips for you.

It’s important to wear your elastics when instructed. This is important because they continually “shock” the teeth and keep them moving. They cause more soreness, which can tempt you to take them off, but that’s a bad idea. If you want your perfect smile, you need to wear the elastics when your orthodontist tells you to wear them.

It’s also important to remove and change the elastics when needed. Feel free to take your elastics off your braces when you clean your smile every morning and night. It’s also important to change your elastics once or twice a day. If you use worn-down elastics, they won’t help your smile as much as they need to.

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