Damaged Braces Need to Be Repaired in a Reasonable Amount of Time

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Your new braces represent a functional system capable or realigning your teeth for a better functioning mouth and a more attractive smile. This is done through a series of regularly scheduled adjustments at Montoya Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic.

Each one of these important appointments is designed to tension the orthodontic components to gradually alter the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth in your gums. In time this will bring your teeth into their ideal alignment.

If you suffer damage to one of the orthodontic elements, you need to have it examined and repaired by Dr. Robert Montoya and his staff as soon as possible. The longer you delay the more likely you are to experience complications from the altered tension.

In the interim, you should not attempt to repair the damaged braces yourself. This could cause undue complications and potentially harm your mouth.

If there is a sharp point threatening to harm your cheek or gums, you can try to secure it inside a piece of orthodontic wax. If you don’t have any readily at hand you might be able to improvise with a piece of a pencil eraser.

If you are in the Keller, Texas, are and you have suffered damage to your braces, you should call 817-427-2237 to have it examined and repaired at Montoya Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic.