Broken Braces: Temporary Fixes

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When you get your braces, your orthodontist will talk with you about how to keep them from becoming damaged. You can protect your orthodontics by not eating hard, tough or sticky foods. Chewing on pens and pencils can cause damage to your braces, as well as a blow to the face. But you can be as careful as you can, and life will happen anyway. Sometimes, things happen, and you find yourself with damaged braces.


If you do encounter a problem, the first thing you should do is contact the orthodontist. Depending on the severity of the damage, he may want to see you as soon as possible, or wait until your next regular appointment.


If a spacer falls out, but don’t worry. This is not unheard of and it often means that it is time for a band to be placed. On the other hand, if a band falls out, the dentist will either have to give you a new one, or cement the old one back in place. Save a band that has fallen out and bring it with you to your appointment, and try to leave a loose band alone. If you break a wire, of if it ends up protruding at an odd angle, your first impulse may be to cut it. Before you do that, call the orthodontist first and see what he recommends. If you cut the wire, you run risk of inhaling the piece you cut off. It’s better to try to gently push it back into place, and cover it with dental wax. Dental wax is also useful for covering loose brackets that can irritate your mouth.


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